April Daily Posts


Megan Ewing


April 25, 2024

April 1

  • 541 reading/quiz

April 2

  • class

April 3

  • 541 reading/quiz

  • oyster methods updates

April 4

  • reread 541 paper for more thorough notes

  • Started manila clam methods edits

  • class, lab meeting, pub a thon

  • starting to brainstorm and ask around about ways to get involved with outreach incl. open house, maritime HS, and SEAS

April 8

  • Not Roberts lab related, but spent most of the day working on revisions for an old manuscript that are due next week

  • Class prep work

April 9

  • Went out to Manchester for the day to help Mac with little neck clam spawning. The spawning was unsuccessful, sadly, and we’ll have to re attempt in 2 weeks with hopes that 1) the clams are ripe enough and 2) there won’t be excess mortality before we have a chance to spawn them

April 10th

  • class prep / homework

April 11th

  • got the repo together for the oyster project

  • pub a thon

  • class

  • more manila clam edits

April 15th

  • class prep/homework

April 16th

  • class / lab

  • start blast for o. lurida

April 17th

  • class prep/homework

April 18th

  • lab meeting

  • class

  • hisat work

April 19th

  • finish hisat / submit lab

    • hisat output interrupted by server space

April 22nd

  • class prep/homework

April 23rd

  • Spawning at Manchester. Went better than last time. Had both treatments go through temperature cycles of 30 minutes at 25C and 30 minutes at 15C. After planned four cycles had 2 spawners (1 male, 1 female) from both control and OA treatments. At the end of the fourth cycle, more started spawning and added 1 additional 30/30 cycle and a shorter 15/15 cycle which yielded additional males and females for both treatments. Ended with 5 total females available for crossing, est. 5 million eggs/potential larvae. I had to leave early to catch the ferry and didn’t get the final counts though.

April 24th

  • class prep/homework

April 25th

  • pub-a-thon

  • re run deseq2 / troubleshoot why my heatmap turned out funky

  • class

  • lab meeting

  • co work with zach to get on the lurida blast / finish it