April Goals


Megan Ewing


April 1, 2024

April Goals…well…goal

  • Main goal this quarter is to get together a draft of chapter 1: on comparative physiology and transciptomics of bivalve reproductions. This includes

    • Doing both the following approaches:

      • Approach 1: 

        • Short list of genes (query file)

          • Look up proteins on ncbi and download faster files to use as queer file
        • Transciptome of organism of interest (database)

        • Use blast to see if they are present in different genomes

        Approach 2 (shotgun approach)

        • Taking everything in species

        • Annotating everything

        • Sorting things based on reproduction

      So for April I’ll start with 1 data set (one species) and get protocls in place, then go from there.

  • Will also be doing some sampling (april 9/10 at manchester)