March Goals


Megan Ewing


March 6, 2024

Finally back after not posting in my notebook for nearly 6 weeks!

What better way to get back to it then setting some march goals!

My goals for winter quarter was mainly to get a proposal together and get more familiar with the current work out there with Olympia oysters (and other bivalves). So one big goal is to get that wrapped up. Moving forward with that, I want to start planning/getting an idea of what kind of field work or wet work will be needed (if any) for this spring/summer. Finally, I want to get started writing my first chapter (literally anything on a page by the end of March would be sick. Even just my name). If I can hit these goals…time will tell….

Oh also I turn 25 this month so a personal goal is to not get weighed down under the ever looming presence of my own mortality :D

TLDR; Goals are

  • Wrap up proposal

  • Plan for potential wet work

  • Literally any sort of start on Ch. 1