November 23 Goals


Megan Ewing


November 7, 2023

Goals for the month of November:

Be more consistent with notebook updates

  • I’ve added a daily task to my google calendar (my preferred method of organizing my life) for notebook updates to prompt me at 5pm each day if I haven’t posted to help with this.

  • I’ve also switched to the single document with a TOC for each date for notebook posts, I think this will help as well since it makes it less steps to update my notebook not having to make a new document each time.

Refresh my understanding of how bioinfo tools (like blast) work / how to read the tables

  • Start with reviewing the FISH546 materials

  • Ask for additional resources as needed

Clam Work

  • Run RNA-seq analysis on clam gonad samples (per github issue)

Project Stuff

  • Work on creating a more clear direction of what my project will look like

  • Work with Steven to plan what I need to do to get started on my specific project